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My first post is not about Motor Racing, that will come. This is my view on life.

What has caused modern society to become the state we are? We would rather watch other people’s lives than live our own. Let other people dictate our paths rather than have the chance to follow our dreams.

We live in a country where we mock and look down at people to make ourselves look and feel better. We constantly strive to be liked at other people’s expense. A world that then thinks its ok because we put it down to “banter”. This has spread like a plague to the point where we are told what to do rather than think for ourselves.

Common sense and common ground no longer exists, we have to be told by a box of vibrant colours and delusional forms of media.

No matter where you go or who you meet it seems to be consistent. The working world is no longer supporting or having camaraderie for your fellow man but rather living in a blame culture that dictates how far you will go in company. Demine or undermine someone else to boost your own self-esteem.

We have become such a diluted and damaged nation that the abyss gets deeper. We live in a time where family and tradition means nothing. Pride, passion, desire all lost.

Latin American’s have had economic and political issues but yet they fight as one. They are a family, they are a team. We have become so clouded and driven by facets of meaningless drivel that we cannot even support our home nation in a football game. We would rather dissect the lives of what is a high class, top quality footballer just because of misdemeanours.

Do we now live in a society that cannot function with one another? A society that only way of solving problems is to blame the other person? Even our own Prime Minister cannot answer a question before deflecting it on to someone else.

We have lost our sense of culture, faith, belief, even religion all becoming a dying bread thanks to the uprising of mass media. A country that has one of the highest depression rates and will continue to grow. A country that seemingly will help others but never our own.

What does it mean to be British? I do not think anyone could answer that anymore. We are a lost nation of hopeless self-indulgence and negligence. We seemingly pride ourselves on “expressing our personalities” rather than fighting for a common cause. There is no problem in expressing your personality, just do not do it at other peoples expense or make yourself look a fool. You would only be fooling yourself anyway.

We would rather live to work than work to live. Rather live for the weekend and the bottom of a pint class than dream big. This is not a question of being a realist but more an optimist. You are only a pessimist if you choose to be.

We slate other countries, we look at other people and laugh, and we look at other nations in fear. Yet we are the country that has a class system and seemingly cannot bind our divisions of north and south. One has to be right the other wrong.

A time must come where the red tape is pulled down and common sense prevails. But I have the feeling that in this instance that will be later rather than sooner… and our country and our people will pay the highest price for that.

We may have political issues and financial issues but we are in turmoil when it comes to our people and our nation.

Our youth generation of today are turning in to a lost cause of futures to come. Or just blame the next person…

What is the point in having dreams if you are not going to make them happen?

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