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The Sim Racing Rig that uses a 2006 Lola Champ Car Chassis

I want one of these..

We consider ourselves to be avid sim racers over on this blog. We participate, organize, and broadcast in major sim racing leagues utilizing rFactor, GTR2, RACE, Game Stock Car, iRacing, etc. Some of us even take it to the next level and build our own custom rigs to help bring in that immersion. Some of us use actual racing seats, expensive wheel/pedal setups, and make use of a triple monitor setup.

However, this blows all of that out of the water.

CXC Simulations created a Champ Car themed custom simrig based off their Motion Pro II racing simulator. The rig uses a 2006 Lola Chassis, hydraulic pedals, and three 55″ TVs to help create the ultimate sim racing experience.

CXC decided to use this rig to create their own parody of the GoPro camera commercials.

If any of you are interested in sim racing or want to know what leagues we particate in, then follow this blog and stay tuned! We plan on posting about the topic on a regular basis. If you simply can’t wait, then feel free to email us at theracingedge1@gmail.com

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